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 Curls of Innocence was founded in 2012 as a natural hair care blog! It began from a photography company that I was starting at the time called 'Colors of Innocence', because I have a love for photography and was always taking and editing endless photos of my children. But the more I learned about how to take care of my children's hair, I noticed that I loved doing hair. People would ask me how I got their hair so long and healthy. It was therapeutic and it was also another form of artistry and creativity. So, I decided, why not fuse both talents together? Thus, 'Curls of Innocence' was born.  
We also homeschool our 5 children, which is our Uncaged Learning Homeschool division. 

About Us


We love caring for our natural hair! Come and join us on YouTube for many hair tutorials and tips for different textures.


Our health is what keeps us alive, which is why it's so important. We make videos on health tips for yourself and your family. Stay hydrated! 



We are a homeschooling family! Are you new to homeschooling? Want to know more about the process or how to get started?

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